Soul Mediumship

Soul Mediumship allows the Soul Medium to access your Akashic records using a spiritual process of discovery through the energy of your soul. The Soul Medium is able to access the infinite and eternal Akashic record where every thought, deed, experience of a soul resides. This is not limited to the linear of human existence but across all of the cosmos, includes all lives experienced by the soul.

Accessing the record is a universal experience, once you are aware of past traumas and experience it can bring about a great release, maybe enabling years of self doubt, guilt, lack of confidence and courage to acceptance of oneself. Bringing about an ability to find your best self through self discovery, self truth and self love.

By the Soul Medium accessing and sharing with you what they have seen in your records, which may include past lives, soul partnerships or/and your life’s purpose you are allowing yourself to see the true you. Seeing yourself as the beautiful soul that you are, full of love, gratitude and tolerance, standing in your own power, brave and eternal.

Eunice has studied as a Soul Medium, Channeller and Akashic Reader and can offer Soul Mediumship Readings.

Soul Mediumship Readings Cost £45